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Welcome to the HiddenIdol site. We all have our own unique talents. Lot of talented people due to several constraints ( e.g., location, financial, political) limitations not able to show or share their talent to the outside world and they are hidden and unnoticed. Our vision is to bring this talent to the outside world.This site helps them to bypass these limitations and help talented people to show and share their talents
We reward these talented people through revenue sharing advertisement scheme.We approach businesses or the businesses approach us who would like to sponsor the talents and advertise their products and services for a definitve period.The revenue generated will be shared between the owner of the video and Hiddenidol.For this purpose we always request customers to upload only videos owned by them to avoid any disputes that may arise when the revenue is shared
We are not promoting copyrighted materials,movie clips,video games as the main purpose of this site is to bring the talents of individuals to the outside world

Every 3 months popular videos get prize

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