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Events > VIP décor for all type and size of cars, either a Luxury BMW, limousine, Prado, Lexus, Pajero,
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One of the best weddings Planner in Pakistan, Pakistan’s leading Events Management Company which has driven a symbol of brand name, which is being known as one of the top classic weddings and events management company in Pakistan, which is being admired for its hardworking, dedicated work, extra efficiency in events planning, events designing, events decoration, events catering and events managing. We are a2z Events & Weddings Solutions, a well established team, a name of trust, a name of target orientation, a name of evaluation, a name of dreamland, a name of highly caliber experienced and professional team who are dedicated and active to have your challenging event’s inquiry. We can bring you the best of your dream views. Either it is your Complete Event or it is Just décor of your Event, or Stage Designing, or just Hall Decoration, or you would like to have just your Event’s Entrance to be design awesomely, a2z Events Solutions is one of the most reliable company to handle of your orders and demands.

We are not only expert till Events, but we are well known Floral Decorators, you need your Room decoration, Masehri Decoration, or you Would like your car decoration, we are top professional chosen specially to design and décor your cars, at world class décor standards, with economical rates.
We design and décor all type and size of cars, either a Luxury BMW, limousine, Prado, Lexus, Pajero, A Luxury Marcedez Series or a Normal Car with Toyota, Honda or Suzuki Manufacturing label. We are one of the top and best Wedding Car Decorators with fresh flowers in Pakistan.

To make the event of marriage successful and memorable well decorated cars with new styles in fresh flowers has become an important part of any wedding Event, it has great job to do because if the wedding car decorated in unique way then it could make the overall event beautiful and elegant. Decorating a wedding car is becoming like an symbolic art and compulsory part of a wedding these days as wedding cars can be seen with nice decorating senses in Pakistan. In Pakistan there is trend settle for using of luxury cars for the wedding and for this purpose there are different types of tips following for decorating of these cars.

• For decorating of wedding cars people are looking to hire an experienced car decorator and designer these days.
• Luxury cars are using in Pakistan as a wedding cars and it is now becoming part of society whether people from middle class family or from the rich class always looking for the luxury car for using it as a wedding car for the special event like for marriage ceremonies like mayon, mehndi, Rasm E Nikkah, Barat and Walima.
• All the Events like Mehndi, Barat and Walima are conceptualized according to their color theme on the Wedding Cars as well, like each of the event do have its own style and designing theme with fresh flowers in color scheme.
• Wedding cars can be decorated in different ways like to give a traditional look to the wedding car fresh flowers according to color of the car or seasonal flowers can also be used.
• To give the wedding car stunning look colorful threads, satin ribbons, tissues or even dried flowers are also using these days.
• For decorating of car traditional accessories like mirror artifacts and hangings can be used through which eye catching look of the wedding car can be achieved.
• At the front of wedding car, flowers can be placed in the form of bouquets while flowers can be placed.
• Individually all over the car with the using of heart shaped balloons at the back of the car can make any wedding car very attractive.
As bridal cost rising high and high so there is need to use simple tips for decorating wedding car because it will not create any burden on the bridal couple. If you want to decorate your vehicle or your rent a vehicle for wedding then you can get the decorating kit in which you will find plenty of wedding car accessories. Some of packages you can get like just married vinyl clings, streamers, white balloons and crepe wedding bells etc. These packages regarding decoration of wedding cars are available in the market at affordable prices which you can get according to your budget and choice.
You can find more ideas and tips about decoration of wedding cars and for this purpose you can find a wide collection of pictures regarding wedding cars.

Need More information or Booking Please give us a call at +92-42-35817106 or +92-321-4268177 or visit us at,,