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For sale > Steroids L-Triiodothyronine T3 Powder for Weight loss and Injection
Tshs. 1.00

CAS No: 55-06-1
Class: Thyroid hormone
Payment: Western Union, Money Gram, T/T, Bitcion

Trade Names:
1.Cytomel - Tablets 5 mcg - Tablets 25 mcg - Tablets 50 mcg
2.Triostat - Injection 10 mcg/mL

Increases metabolic rate of body tissues; is needed for normal growth and maturation.

Indications and Usage
Replacement or supplemental therapy in hypothyroidism; TSH suppression for treatment or prevention of euthyroid goiters (eg, thyroid nodules, multinodular goiters, enlargement in chronic thyroiditis); diagnostic agent in suppression tests to differentiate suspected hyperthyroidism from euthyroidism; treatment of myxedema coma/precoma (IV).

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