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For sale > Grow Muscle Nandrolone Sell Online
Tshs. 200.00

Grow Muscle Nandrolone Sell Online

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Molecular formula:C18H26O2
Molecular weight:274.4
Appearance:White or almost white crystalline powder

Supply capacity:1500kg/month
Package:discreet package

1.The positive effects of the drug include muscle growth, appetite stimulation and increased red blood cell production and bone density.
2.Nandrolone is an anabolic steroid. It works by increasing the growth of certain tissues in the body and has been shown to improve the oxygen-carrying ability of blood by increasing hemoglobin and the size of red blood cells.
3.Clinical studies have shown it to be effective in treating anaemia, osteoporosis and some forms of neoplasia including breast cancer, and also acts as a progestin-based contraceptive. For these reasons, in the United States nandrolone received FDA approval in 1983.

Payment&shipping terms:
Delivery time:within 24 hours after receiving the payment
Payment methods:bank wire,western union,money gram,bitcoin

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