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Leisure > Travel packages > Visit to Singapore from Pakistan, Best Travels and Tours Packages for Singapore by A2Z Worldwide Travels and Tours
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Welcome to Singapore , One of the world's beautiful and Luxurious State but a Small Country on a small Island, with just over five million people, it is fairly crowded city and infact second only to Monaco as the world's most densely populated country, However, unlike, many other densely populated countries, Singapore has over 50% of its area covered by greenery and with over 50 major parks and 4 natural reserves, it is an enchanting garden city. Large Self-contained residential towns mushroomed all over the island, around the clean and modern city center. The Center of the city is Located in the south-consisiting roughly of the Orchard road shopping area, the Riverside, the new Downtown, Marina Bay, and some of other very famous projects are included beside of skyscrapers-filled Shenton way financial district, know in acronym-loving Singapore as he CBD (Central Business District).

Singapore Pride itself on being a multi-racial country, and has a diverse culture despite its small size. The largest groups are the Chinese, who form about 75% of the population, Amongst the chinese, Hokkien speakers form the majority, while Teochew and Cantonese speakers round out the top three. Singapore is also religious diverse, with no religious group forming a majority. Religious freedom is guaranteed by the consititution of Singapore, which is a secular city state but due to its multicultural population, Singapore celebrates Chinese, Muslim, Indian and Christian Holidays. So if you are interested or planning to travel to Beautiful and economical enriched country, we do have variety of Packages, which have been designed based on client's specifications and interests, surely standardized according to the taste of adventure and tourism..
Please give us a Call for updates and Booking your trip to Singapore at +92-42-35817106 / 0324-4275229